"I strive to make all my work Spark Joy  in my clients' hearts & homes." Fiona   

I'm Fiona & I am  passionate about giving vintage furniture a new lease of life and transforming them into beautiful, quirky, one-off pieces of Art. 


All my furniture is sourced from around the world including Europe,Far East and Asia. My aim when selecting vintage furniture is to pick out items that have lived and have a story to tell. I love hand carved wooden furniture that is full of charm & character. I have over 200 raw pieces, awaiting inspiration at any given time, all solid wood and most of them beautifully carved and handpicked by me. 

Most of my work is bespoke and  commissioned by my clients, who are looking for that special piece of furniture that sparks joy in them. It’s the lovely colours I use that keep my clients coming back for more . 


I put my heart and soul to make sure each piece is perfect. I have been on professional Annie Sloan Painting Courses and I pride myself in my finished product. As you will see my attention to detail is impeccable. I do this for a living therefore my business and your satisfaction means everything to me. 

I love what I do ... And I hope you do too ❤

"This always reminds me of the monsoon season which brings along with it a Rejuvenation Of Life."

The Story Behind Monsoon Dragonfly...

Monsoon Dragonfly - The name conjures up so many memories and relates to what I do perfectly.

Monsoon - I only use all natural , safe and no/very low VOC paints. All natural and environmentally friendly.When I open a tin of paint it smells like freshly fallen rain in India. This always reminds me of the monsoon season which brings along with it a Rejuvenation Of Life.

Dragonfly - With the first fresh rainfall comes the beginning of new life.