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Fiona and Ryan are ordinary people creating extraordinary furniture every day. A husband and wife team, they have been married for 22 years and now spend their days coming up with ideas for amazing furniture. 


In the workshop, Ryan can modify an ordinary ladder into a staircase to the moon and you'd never know its humble origins. Meanwhile, Fiona is carefully painting each piece to perfection.


Fiona began Monsoon Dragonfly Interiors years ago to offer reworked one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. All the furniture is sourced from across the globe, many pieces come from Europe, the Far East, or Asia. Fiona's past travels and living abroad has inspired and influenced her design ideas from day one, and has ensured her furniture is always one step ahead of the rest.


Fiona has never compromised on quality and customer service, putting her heart and soul into each item to create a masterpiece, which is why clients return over and over for new furniture.   

Rest assured they will leave no stone unturned in order to find you the best and most suitable piece of furniture for your home.

Follow them on Instagram @monsoondragonflyinteriors to get daily updates as them transform reclaimed furniture into masterpieces.


We are a humble, grateful, respectful, hardworking, honest, kind, generous and fun loving family ❤

What's in a name?

Monsoon Dragonfly - The name conjures up so many memories and relates to what we do perfectly.

Monsoon - I only use all-natural and environmentally friendly paints. When I open a tin of paint it smells like freshly fallen rain in India. This always reminds me of the monsoon season which brings along with it a Rejuvenation Of Life.

Dragonfly ~ With the first fresh rainfall comes the beginning of new life...
All the Dragonflies come out to play. Hence the name fits in perfectly with what I do; Give new life to vintage furniture with plenty of love and care.

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